Learn more about the team of graduate and undergraduate students who I work with! If you're a dynamic, dedicated prospective graduate student interested in disaster risk, please see current openings in my group in the opportunities page.

PhD students

Lindsey Rotche

Geography, expected graduation 2026

Lindsey Rotche is a PhD student at the University of New Mexico in the Geography and Environmental Studies program with a concentration in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  Her research interests lie in natural hazards and disasters, GIS, global climate change, and cartography.  Outside of academia she works as a ski patrol at Ski Santa Fe.  In her free time, she enjoys biking, backpacking, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, boating, and taking care of her chickens, garden, and pets in Santa Fe.

MS students

Yahaira D. Álvarez 

Geography, expected graduation Spring 2024

Yahaira D. Álvarez is a Master’s student in Geography at the University of New Mexico. Her research interest includes natural hazards, risk reduction and mitigation, and science communication, among others. As an undergraduate student, she has been involved in research regarding atmospherically-induced landslides in Puerto Rico. Yahaira enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, going on road trips, and swimming in the beach; but at the same time, she also enjoys staying at home to take a good nap and watch a movie.

Marisol Meyer Driovínto

Community and Regional Planning, expected graduation Spring 2024

Marisol is a graduate student at the University of New Mexico in the department of Community and Regional Planning.

Undergraduate students

Anistasia Baca

Env Sci major and Statistics minor, expected graduation Spring 2023

Anistasia Baca is an undergraduate studying Statistics with a minor in Environmental Science at the University of New Mexico. At the university, she is a Woodward and a McNair scholar. Her academic interests include the increase of hazard events (specifically wildfires) with climate change, the impact of climate change on communities, data analysis, and modeling. Currently, she is working with Dr. Lin on the NSF post wildfire flooding project. Some things she enjoys doing are, hot yoga, rock climbing, hiking, reading, making playlists, and road trips.

Ashley Apodaca

Env Sci major, expected graduation Spring 2023

Ashley Apodaca is an undergraduate student at the University of New Mexico studying environmental science with a minor in sustainability studies. Ashley is interested in science education and science communication through art. In her free time she loves to swim, hike, and spend time with her two cats and seven chickens.  

Madison Cox

Civil Engineering major, expected graduation Spring 2025

Madison Cox is a sophomore in the Civil Engineering program at UNM where she plans to focus her study on environmental engineering and water resources. She hopes to utilize those skills in her future career in water treatment technologies because the current water supply is in jeopardy and needs to be preserved for future generations. She enjoys any and all outdoor activities, reading sci-fi and fantasy books, and spending time with her family.

Past group members

Pratistha Sharma

YCL Group Project Assistant, 2022-2023

Geography, MS (in progress)

Cassandra Huneau

YCL Group Undergraduate Researcher, 2022-2023 

Geography major

Savannah Tapia

YCL Group Undergraduate Researcher, 2022-2023 

Environmental Engineering major