Throughout my academic career, I have worn many hats in various fields of application: renewable energy, earthquake engineering, seakeeping and stability in the Arctic, and now disaster science. Underpinning all of these applications are an appreciation of complex systems, sensitivity analysis, uncertainty quantification, and scientific communication.

ongoing projects

Consequence-driven scenario selection for seismic hazard in stable continental regions

Greater Preparedness and Resilience to Post-Wildfire Flooding in Native American Communities

Avalanche mapping: shifting cartographic emphasis from hazard to risk

Downward counterfactual analysis to uncover black swan events

Celebrating probabilistic lives saved

DAT/Artathon Workshop

DAT/Artathon is a free virtual workshop for early career individuals who work on data visualization using disaster risk and resilience data.

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The Risk Zoo

past projects

Monitoring ice accumulation for surface ships traveling in the Arctic: Learn more.

Development and illustration of a risk-based framework for built facilities: Learn more.

Biomass Scenario Model (BSM): Learn more.