I believe in intentional teaching and active learning in order to prepare the most capable scientists and engineers of the future, and have sought after the opportunity to teach as much as possible along the way, both within the university and also at local K-12 schools. My experience is summarized below under courses, engineering education, and undergraduate research mentorship.


Fundamentals of Data Science for Earth and Environmental Systems Science

Co-Instructor. Spring 2019. Primary instructor: David Lallemant. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

  • Prepared and delivered occasional course lectures
  • Worked in a teaching team of four to design and manage a new course
  • Mentored student projects

Introductory Finite Element Analysis with Applications

Teaching Assistant. CEE 5720. Fall 2017. Taught by Christopher J. Earls. Cornell University.

  • Develop a new recitation session for existing course CEE 5720, incorporating hands-on exercises for students to write their own finite element software, as well as practice using commercial FEA software (ADINA)
  • Prepare and conduct recitation lectures
  • Design hands-on in-recitation exercises
  • Create homework assignments related to recitation material
  • Assess of homework assignments related to recitation material

Explorations in Engineering

Teaching Assistant. ENGRG 1060. Summer 2017. Taught by Bruce van Dover. Cornell University.

  • Lectured on topics related to civil engineering (overview of civil engineering, introduction to trusses, method of joints, method of sections)
  • Organized laboratory sessions
  • Helped design the structural engineering laboratory exercise (spaghetti bridges)
  • Graded homework and laboratory homework
  • Held office hours

Introduction to Earthquake Engineering

Grader. CVEN 6595. Spring 2014. Taught by Abbie Liel. University of Colorado Boulder.

  • Graded problem sets, exams, and written reports

Principles of System Dynamics

Teaching assistant. ENGS 51. Spring 2011. Taught by Steve Peterson. Dartmouth College.

  • Graded homework
  • Held office hours
  • Provided term-project mentorship

Introduction to Engineering

Teaching assistant. ENGS 21. Fall 2009. Taught by John P. Collier. Dartmouth College.

  • Mentored a five-student design team to identify a problem, deliver a solution, and present results to a panel of professors and professionals

engineering education

Undergraduate CEE Perceptions

Consultant. School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Summer 2018. Andrea Ippolito. Cornell University.

  • Applied human-centered design and qualitative interviews to understand the undergraduate civil and environmental engineering perspectives
  • Identified tangible opportunities to shape the two programs, broken down by themes and timeline.
  • Presented results to the faculty of CEE
  • Findings are being used to guide undergraduate curriculum changes in 2019-2020

American Society of Engineering Education St. Lawrence Section Conference

April 20-21, 2018 in Ithaca, NY.

Poster presentations:

  • The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute's undergraduate seismic design competition: An organizer's perspective
  • Built to stand! Introducing kindergarteners to the fundamentals of structural engineering.

undergraduate research mentorship

2018-2019 UG Researcher Accomplishments:

  • Designed an exposure database for Southeast Asia, previously unavailable for this region
  • Compiled exposure data (population, building stock, etc) and conducted analysis to illustrate use of this database in a risk analysis context

Summer 2017 UG Researcher Accomplishments:

  • Designed and machined hardware for hydraulic flume laboratory experiment
  • Assisted video data collection for use in computer vision algorithm
  • Created CAD renderings and engineering drawings

Spring 2015 UG Researcher Accomplishments:

  • Conducted a literature review of Arctic ship operations